[Market-farming] OT Thought Provoking (or maybe justprovoking:)

Jill Taylor Bussiere jdt at itol.com
Mon Jan 27 18:11:24 EST 2003

    I didn't take offense at your statement about the cost of living
longer - as it is a reality.

    I do find your blind characterization of the left sort of ironic, since
there is a richness of viewpoints that people have whatever their political

   I see some elements of the right in a similar way - wanting power over
all that belongs to us collectively - wanting to decide what women can do
with their bodies, wanting to decide what is art and what is offensive,
wanting power over others by making money=free speech, wanting power over
workers, etc.  -  some seem to want all of the freedoms and none of the

    At the same time, I see elements of similarity with some on the right
and those on the left - local control and some other things.

    I do want to suggest that it is not helpful to put people in boxes too
firmly, as it doesn't allow for a very good dialogue, which is necessary for
democracy, and to understand the depth of issues.  There are all sorts of
things that I agree with with my Republican friends, and some that I
disagree with.  Many of them, like you, can not acknowledge corporate
welfare. They can only see government control when it is for the benefit of
the greater good.  Others can see corporate control clearly, and work hard
against it and corporate welfare.  There are people on the right and the
left that are passionate about democracy and about participation in the
election process.  And on and on.  When you are open, you find there are all
sorts of similarities of view - you and I even share some.  We are both
firmly entrenched on issues that we know a lot about, and disagree on some
that we know a lot about.

    It is helpful for me to see views more as within a circle rather than a
line - this worldview allows me the possibility of more dialogue.


> Joan, Windwalker Farm wrote:
> > This is the most arrogant comment I have seen out of you Rick.  So we
> > shouldn't be concerned about how people are eating and how it is
> > leading to
> > needless suffering and early death because they are doing those of us
> > try to eat well and live healthier lives a big favor - saving us from
> > further hard-earned money going towards helping others (instead of a
> > manufactured "war").
> >
> > Thankfully I still know where my delete button is -
> You are grossly misinterpreting what was said.
> There is nothing wrong with being concerned about what people eat. After
> all, none of us would be on this list if we did not care. That is the
> point of producing food and direct marketing it. No one does this to get
> wealthy (if I'm wrong about that I would love to hear of my error:)
> But that is different than wanting to control and criticize the average
> person that you saw here. Very, very, different. Education is fine,
> isn't. That was my point. The left wants control. That is how they gain
> power over others.
> At one time I thought folks like Rush Limbaugh was being melodramatic
> likening the anti-smoking hysteria to the anti-bad food hysteria. Well I
> wrong and he was right on that one.
> People who eat poorly, either through ignorance or choice, and then die
> early, are NOT the drain on the resources that we often hear about from
> mainstream media. As I earlier wrote, the "politically correct" thinking
> that they are the drain. But they are not. They often die before they
> collect much, if any, of their social security, retirement benefits they
> have accrued. Especially medicare costs for chronic conditions. It is the
> people who are typically no longer productive and who live many years,
> of them in dementia, but many fairly well functioning, who need
> resources. And that is due to the sheer number of them.
> That is NOT an attack on those who live longer. It is just a FACT.
> If all the people who now smoke and eat poorly were to change their
> lifestyles, the increase in their life span would likely be significant.
> This would require big changes in our current medicare/social security
> system, not to mention the actuarially calculated retirement programs. We
> already are on a collision course as it is with our current system.
> Sincerely,
> Rick Williams
> Misty Ridge Farm
> Direct marketed dairy beef and produce
> (also dairy heifers and beef stockers)
> Viroqua, WI
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