[Market-farming] Any ideas on a home made cooler?

Paul Bucciaglia pbucciaglia at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 27 17:57:11 EST 2003

I am renting a new piece of land that doesn't have a barn (yet...) and I'm thinking through some ideas for a temporary cooler, and would really appreciate any feedback.  Some possibilities are
-used cooler put outside (maybe with shed roof over it, or a sealed roof on the cooler).  
-no cooler, just harvest and sell (I like this the least)
-old reefer truck, park it and plug it in 
-frame up a small room in the basement of the house (basement has a door).
I like the idea of an old reefer truck, but if one doesn't materialize cheaply there is a working air conditioner in the basement, I was going to frame up a small room (8X10?) with styrofoam insulation and maybe some plastic, stick the air conditioner in and try to get by for a year while I work on getting a packing/storage shed together. I am planning on farming 4 acres of mixed veg this season, I have 15 acres available down the road.  
I have managed and worked on farms with 'real coolers' ; I'm curious to hear what peoples' experience with the air conditioner jury rigged kind--what kind of temps can be expected, any adverse effects on produce?
Thanks for any info,
Paul Bucciaglia
Fort Hill Farm, New Milford, CT 

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