[Market-farming] OT Thought Provoking (or maybe justprovoking:)

Rick Williams mrfarm at frontiernet.net
Mon Jan 27 17:32:47 EST 2003

Joan, Windwalker Farm wrote:
> This is the most arrogant comment I have seen out of you Rick.  So we
> shouldn't be concerned about how people are eating and how it is
> leading to
> needless suffering and early death because they are doing those of us who
> try to eat well and live healthier lives a big favor - saving us from
> further hard-earned money going towards helping others (instead of a
> manufactured "war").
> Thankfully I still know where my delete button is -

You are grossly misinterpreting what was said.

There is nothing wrong with being concerned about what people eat. After
all, none of us would be on this list if we did not care. That is the whole
point of producing food and direct marketing it. No one does this to get
wealthy (if I'm wrong about that I would love to hear of my error:)

But that is different than wanting to control and criticize the average
person that you saw here. Very, very, different. Education is fine, control
isn't. That was my point. The left wants control. That is how they gain
power over others.

At one time I thought folks like Rush Limbaugh was being melodramatic about
likening the anti-smoking hysteria to the anti-bad food hysteria. Well I was
wrong and he was right on that one.

People who eat poorly, either through ignorance or choice, and then die
early, are NOT the drain on the resources that we often hear about from the
mainstream media. As I earlier wrote, the "politically correct" thinking
that they are the drain. But they are not. They often die before they
collect much, if any, of their social security, retirement benefits they may
have accrued. Especially medicare costs for chronic conditions. It is the
people who are typically no longer productive and who live many years, some
of them in dementia, but many fairly well functioning, who need significant
resources. And that is due to the sheer number of them.

That is NOT an attack on those who live longer. It is just a FACT.

If all the people who now smoke and eat poorly were to change their
lifestyles, the increase in their life span would likely be significant.
This would require big changes in our current medicare/social security
system, not to mention the actuarially calculated retirement programs. We
already are on a collision course as it is with our current system.


Rick Williams
Misty Ridge Farm
Direct marketed dairy beef and produce
(also dairy heifers and beef stockers)
Viroqua, WI

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