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The goal of being on earth answers the questions:Who am I ? Where am I? What
am I doing here? and why? With answer being one word, "freedom". Whether it
is like the words in the American document the Declaration of Independence
where certain truths are self evident namely; life, liberty, and the pursuit
of happiness or whether one uses words like mukti, samadhi, liberation, para
atma, bliss, ananda, grace, rapture, or any number of other words. The one
goal expressed in the Tao or from in this case Guatama Buddha is liberation,
freedom from the tensions or if you wish karma that hold one to the current
mold that by being here you are the expression of. It follows the more
pragmatic expression of there is nothing that is caused with out a effect
nor is there an effect without a cause or if you allow nothing is ever lost
but does have the potential to change and become something else. Matter to
wave and so on from atomic micro to macro laws of the universe. The middle
path attempts to live in the flow of universal truth so as to not upset or
create an added tension that is a boat anchor to the freedom boat. To not
trespass on others innate right to to the same universal truth. To not take,
if you allow this language, without bargain or permission energy from
another sentient being.
There I am getting carried away again.......I really need to get back to
work and stop reading all the emails.
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   > "The Buddha and the middle path over the extremes"

   > Do no harm.

  Can someone explain the above to me?

  Rick H.
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