[Market-farming] Raised Bed Shaper Plans

John Drury jbd3 at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 27 14:16:18 EST 2003

I can only echo the results you have stated. It's very efficient on unplowed
land. I bought the plow at Earth Tools also and highly recommend the
company. I haven't finished the creation of my beds, but I'm very pleased
thus far with the results.

John Drury
9407 McFarlin Road
Bon Aqua, TN 37025
jbd3 at earthlink.net 

> Has anyone else tried using a rotary plow to make raised beds?  Earth
> Tools (http://www.bcssmallfarmequip.com/index.html) carries BCS tractors
> and a range of attachments, including a rotary plow (~$700).
> The rotary plow works pretty well on our heavy clay, but it still
> requires a pass with the tiller to prepare a seed bed.  To prepare a
> raised bed with this method, the rotary plow makes one pass down the
> right side of the bed, throwing soil to the left (to the inside of the
> bed), then one pass up the left side of the bed, throwing soil to the
> left (again, to the inside of the bed).  After that, the bed has two
> high ridges and two deep valleys on either side, and a more shallow
> valley in the middle.  One pass with the tiller converts it to a flat,
> raised bed.  
> John Wages
> John & Gwen Wages
> Calceterra Farm
> Tupelo, MS

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