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Just thinking about the row cover wires: It would be nice if there was and
attachment to go on the back of a tractor that worked like a giant stapler
except the staple was much larger and round on top. It would need a trip
hammer mechanism working off the PTO and a trip trigger that is driver
operated or metered to set every so many feet. Then a roller to lay the
cover over and maybe a second stapler to set the top hoop in. Then I could
drive a long at say 5 mph and be finished with the complete garden in no
time. Oh, I forgot, I'll need something on the front of the tractor to
furrow the raised bed to drop the irrigation tape in with.
When it is time to take it off I will need a dc generator going to a electro
magnet to pull up all the top & bottom hoops and at the same time the take
up roller will wind the material up for the next planting.
I better get back to work....just a small fantasy break here at the

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