[Market-farming] OT Thought Provoking (or maybe just provoking:)

Rick Hopkins rdhopkins at americanpasturage.com
Mon Jan 27 10:52:30 EST 2003

I can never remember the policies of the right or the left, but my wife says
I am a liberal-conservative.  I suppose that makes me right and left.

This thread has brushed on a point that might be considered in a different
perspective.  All markets are niche markets.  Some are large, some are
small.  Some become successful, some do not.  When one begins to view the
industry sector as a niche market, it can promote a healthier perspective of
one's operation.

Producers often feel as if they are in competition with industry.  That is
only true if similar approaches and products are used to garner consumer

For instance, I do not feel that I am in competition with McDonalds when I
market our beef just because both of us are selling a beef product.  I also
do not consider that the beef industry as a competitor as our beef is
differentiated in several aspects from feedlot beef.  We both have our niche
markets and we are both making a business of it.

One of the biggest satisfactions I receive is when I recognize that we are
less prone than industry to collapse caused by a weak energy policy,
industry shortcomings, administrative changes, and public perception.

Rick H. - not Rick W.
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  "Do not denigrate others. That is typical left wing thinking. Always
  down "other people."

  That is a false characterization of the left.   It is an accurate
characterization of narcissists.  I believe there are a few of those on the
right and the left... eh?

  Del Williams
  Farmer in the Del
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