[Market-farming] OT Thought Provoking (or maybe just provoking:)

Rick Williams mrfarm at frontiernet.net
Sun Jan 26 18:31:27 EST 2003

Rick W. wrote:
> The fundamental basis for sustainable agriculture is its interdependence
> with social, energy, human health, and local economic concerns.  Equitable
> global trade is a part of this interdependence, but is not sustainable in
> its current practice for food and fiber needs.  Developing countries are
> being exploited for their natural and labor resources for profit.

I guess we will have to agree to disagree on that.

> Global economic stability is dependent on regional food production and
> processing.  The current trends in food production only lead to a
> concentration of wealth, loss of sustainability, loss of diversity, and
> rural poverty.

Nothing is set in stone that global economic stability requires a regional
approach. The current trends of food production are being accomplished
because of one reason: it can be done. And when something can be done, and
there are those who are the entrepreneurs who are willing to take the risk,
it is no surprise that it will be done.

Most of the other concepts above are short term pessimism. What is happening
are continued changes in the market, no different than in the past, except
that most of the changes have now occurred and we are shifting toward new

Example: our area was one of the poorest counties in the state for decades.
This was primarily due to the topography with the driftless region from no
glaciation that leveled surrounding states. The farmland was not practical
for large scale operations. But it was VERY scenic and blessed with an
exceptional watershed. As time goes on this area will become more of a
recreational area than the subsistence farming you saw in the past. The
excruciating poverty that we had is giving way to new directions due to the
entrepreneurs that recognize and act upon this change.

> It is difficult to think that we might actually find future generations
> living as Aldus Huxley portrays in his Brave New World, but many of the
> policy makers appear to believe that human destiny would be better off in
> the complete care and control of a few.

That is more of a left wing approach. Many of us reject much of that
concept. We are constantly at odds with the left who want to always increase
taxes, increase regulations, and increase control of individuals.

> Commodity farm prices are based on subsidies, not global markets.  We are
> exporting our future for corporate profit with our food policies.

> And if the glass if half full, it is too big and a wasted resource.

It would be hard to disagree more. Looking at things in a positive,
pro-active manner, with honest solutions, is much better than those on the
fringes of doom and gloom ... and NEVER have ANY solutions, other than ...
more control of individuals.


Rick Williams
Misty Ridge Farm
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(also dairy heifers and beef stockers)
Viroqua, WI

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