[Market-farming] wind break and storing seed

Hook Family guldann at ix.netcom.com
Sun Jan 26 13:15:21 EST 2003

I just attended the NOFA Mass winter conference yesterday and the last class
I took Season Extension brought up wind breaks.  The instructor lives in a
very windy location.  He has in place wind barriers of trees but he went on
to say that a stand of winter rye plus row cover on the row near this "mini"
windbreak works well for him.
I have used row cover in fairly windy places.  No hoops and the KEY is to
weight down the edges.  I find I must cover every inch with dirt, its the
best method to avoid wind catching it.  Its also a nuisance for removing
cover to weed.  But works if the cover is temporary remove weed and leave
cover off.
There are different weights of cover thin to "thick" the thicker the less
light in but more frost or wind protection.  Temporay use lack of light
probably ok.

I have assorted packages in 1/2 bushel basket with no organization :).  I go
through in spring.  I use them as extras or supplements but for "needed"
seeds I order more.  Example I have some flowers (I get carried away) I
never got to last year I will try planting them (in flats) in house and if
they come up good if not no biggy I got carried away this year and ordered
more :).  Beth

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