[Market-farming] Identical twin seed varieites

Adriana gutierrez-lagatta at charter.net
Sun Jan 26 06:34:02 EST 2003

It seems that some seed companies feel need to create "new" varieties
out of thin air, for example:

1.  Merlot Lettuce (Fedco) = Galactic (Johnny's)
After looking for a source for a much-vaunted Merlot lettuce, somebody
told me that it is the same as Galactic from Johny's, which I had in
my seed stock all along.

2.  Burgundy Amaranth (OE) = Garnet Amaranth (Johnny's)

The more I think about it, the more this annoys me.  Often the copycat
will be more expensive than the original and only after we've spent
our hard earned money do we find out we don't have anything new.

Do you know of any other copycats out there?


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