[Market-farming] Raised Bed Shaper Plans

Allan Balliett igg at igg.com
Sat Jan 25 18:41:33 EST 2003

Ken -

I tried looking for plans last year. I wound up buying a shaper. Sad 
to say, after shaping about 6 beds, we didn't use it again. I didn't 
like how 'industrial' the beds looks and felt. I imagined that the 
soil would be 'loose' but raised and there w.b. nice gutters on both 
sides of the beds. Not the case. Also, it was all but impossible to 
get a bed as wide as I wanted at the top (probably my fault)

Anyway, Market Farm can sell you a tool bar, hilling disks and the 
'i-beams' and heavy angle iron that you need to shape and level the 
soil you raise with the disk. From my experience, you definitely want 
an adjustable unit so that you can play with it until you get the 
'width and lift' that you want.

Working with a tool bar (actually, a couple of tool bars, if I 
remember right) will provide you that flexibility for precision beds.


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