[Market-farming] Frozen greenhouse doors

Miranda Smith miranda at tagoresmith.com
Sat Jan 25 17:11:20 EST 2003

Yes, vent the greenhouse to get rid of excess humidity, but also oil
all the aluminum bits around the door. Keep them oiled all winter

Unless you are growing tropicals, your plants will be healthier if you
keep inside temperatures below 80F. I like a winter high of 75F/days
when I am growing greens, 50-55F/nights. It depends on your crops and
the amount of interior air flow you've got, but RH levels of 75% and
below do well at this time of year.
--Ideally, the plants shouldn't suffer too much contrast between day
and night and cloudy day/sunny day. If it's 75F on sunny days, it
should be 65F on cloudy ones.

Good luck with the doors, too. If all else fails, you can oil thin
styrofoam strips and stick them between the door and the jams--the
aluminum can't stick to that.

Miranda Smith

Condensation had collected in
> the channels of the aluminum door and there was no getting in.

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