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> Marie in Missouri

All the furnace in the greenhouse could do yesterday was 65 with the clouds 
and the wind and only got up to  0 for a high.  I don't think it ever shut 
off all day.  Really was a good conference in St. Joe this year, I really 
enjoyed Elliot Coleman, he is a very interesting speaker.  Marie have you got 
all those seeds ordered yet.  Our greenhouse froze up a couple of weeks ago 
and it was really interesting that we really didn't lose that much stuff, 
really only a few tender annuals and the rest pulled through OK.  I'm sure it 
slowed a lot of things down, but they are growing OK now.  Had to have a 
really long talk with my propane delivery guy on this one.  Phone numbers 
that go to voice mail and no one ever answers the voice mail, no one wants to 
be bothered with giving any customer service today.

Phil from Iowa
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