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Yes, every year we donate 2   4-week 'trial' shares to our local public
radio auction. It's always a very popular item, and I believe it gets the
word out. you can limit the months, ours needs to be used between June and
October, our lushest months produce-wise. We also donate a 4-week share to
local school auctions as well.

Julia at Mariquita Farm

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> To find out rates on your local public television station contact the
> person in charge of underwriting.
> You can usually post PSA on public radio for free for things like
> farmer's markets, farm tours open houses etc.
> I have a question has anyone ever use a public TV funder auction as
> advertising. There are two PBS stations around me both that have
> auctions twice a year. people donate items and I have thought donating a
> CSA share may be good advertising for our CSA at not a lot of cost.
> So anyone done this and how did it work out?
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