[Market-farming] Row Cover ??

Peter Worsley pwors at svn.net
Mon Jan 20 03:34:33 EST 2003

I grow everything under row cover until large plants like tomatoes, 
peppers, melon, squash, bush beans, etc. are starting to stretch the 
fabric. No hoops. Spinach, lettuce, bok choi, carrots, beets stay under 
row cover for their entire life. For Tomatoes & warm weather stuff, I 
use wire hoops and Growtherm, which is perforated light transparent 
plastic. Until the plants start touching the plastic. I have lots of 
quail, and nothing would survive its early stages without row cover. 
Some flea beetles get in, but cucumber beetle damage is nowhere near 
what it would be without the covers, especially spinach. It's a pain, 
especially in the wind. Just that much more bending over. But for me 
it's the only way.

Good Luck- Peter

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