[Market-farming] Row Cover ??

Elaine Granata ecgranat at ouray.cudenver.edu
Sun Jan 19 23:09:39 EST 2003

Van:  I just leave my rowcovers on the ground over the newly planted bed --
if I had to build hoops it would never get done.  I anchor the ends and
along the row with some clods of dirt.  As the crop grows, it just pushes up
the row cover.  I pull it back for harvest.  My rows are about 3' by 50'.

It worked very well for me -- did mesclum, radishes, spinach, broccoli raab,
peas and kale-- kept the flea beetles off and I had very tender produce.  I
used the lightest weight that Johnny's had-- their bug barrier.  This season
I'll also cover cukes and squash as the bugs decimated the cukes.  I'll pull
them off when they bloom and need to be pollinated.

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> With my first cuttings beginning last week, I ask is there a consensus
> draping RC directly onto freshly sown beds rather than laying RC over
> I realize that the latter requires more work and is prone to wind.
> Thanks,
> Van
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