[Market-farming] row cover

Hook Family guldann at ix.netcom.com
Sun Jan 19 12:53:21 EST 2003

I rarely use hoops.  I did use them for cucumber plants once but last year I
did not and the plants and the occasional :) weed held it up.  We have had
quite a bit of trouble early in season with summer squash plants and insect
damage the small plants can't cope with the pressure.  This year I am not
even going to gamble and my first planting either direct seeded or
transplants (? which is better) will be under cover.  You can remove cover
when they are big enough.

Greens are simply a flee beetle all day diner.  I have been discouraged and
not perused greens much, but this winter "planning the garden" I have
decided to experiment with 1/2 a row or so of greens under cover.  I'd like
to have something for the first two weeks of CSA pickup besides lettuce,
herbs and swiss chard :).  I won't use hoops I am leaning toward picking
small, salad type mix.  Beth

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