[Market-farming] How to package greens for sale?

bob at akasha.net bob at akasha.net
Sat Jan 18 17:53:41 EST 2003

Looking at the discussion on crisping greens I am reminded that the trick
Chinese restaurants us for greens to stay firm and green even after flash
cooking is to soak in a solution of Potassium Nitrate KNO3. I do not know if
it is the potassium or the Nitrate that does the job of this salt. Calcium
salts are used to relax muscle and fiber in other processes. Well so much
for my ignorance. I do not like the taste of Clorox bleach in my salad and
that is there much of the time.

 The only time we use salt is with broccoli if we have a
heavy case of cabbage worms.

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