[Market-farming] How to package greens for sale?

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Putting greens in just plain water will crisp  greens up quite nicely.  It
would be interesting to do a test to see if adding salt to the water makes
much of a difference in either the time it takes the greens to crisp up, or
the length of time the greens actually last.

Greens that have wilted a bit during the harvesting process get soaked till
they are turgid once again and then chilled.

 The only time we use salt is with broccoli if we have a
heavy case of cabbage worms.

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> Okay I may have it backwards (I took this class about 23 years ago!) but
> salt water works very well at refreshing greens, none the less. Try
> taking greens that have wilted and put them in salt water. They will get
> Eric Pillemer wrote:
> >
> > Unfortunately what you learned in high school physics class is wrong.
> > moves by osmosis from regions of higher water concentration to regions
> > lower wqter concentration.Thus water will move from the plant cells
> > into a salt solution, rather than the reverse. This is the basis for
> > foods before pickling them,. which draws the water from the plant cell.
> > using salt water to refresh greens would actually remove wter from the
> > rather than add water!
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