[Market-farming] How to package greens for sale?

Lucy Goodman goodows at infinet.com
Sat Jan 18 15:56:32 EST 2003

Okay I may have it backwards (I took this class about 23 years ago!) but
salt water works very well at refreshing greens, none the less. Try
taking greens that have wilted and put them in salt water. They will get crisp.

Eric Pillemer wrote:
> Unfortunately what you learned in high school physics class is wrong. Water
> moves by osmosis from regions of higher water concentration to regions of
> lower wqter concentration.Thus water will move from the plant cells outward
> into a salt solution, rather than the reverse. This is the basis for salting
> foods before pickling them,. which draws the water from the plant cell. Thus
> using salt water to refresh greens would actually remove wter from the plant
> rather than add water!
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