[Market-farming] Advertising

Robin & Steve Follette follette at midmaine.com
Fri Jan 17 15:15:32 EST 2003

> I have a question has anyone ever use a public TV funder auction as
> advertising. There are two PBS stations around me both that have
> auctions twice a year. people donate items and I have thought donating a
> CSA share may be good advertising for our CSA at not a lot of cost. 
> So anyone done this and how did it work out?

I did this with my soap business.  It worked well for us.  We picked up both retail and wholesale customers.  Only a few each but enough to make it worth doing.  A friend who is a shepherd/spinner/hand knitter donated a sweater for a few years and sold several more.

Thyme For Ewe Farm, Maine

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