[Market-farming] Salad greens packaging, TV advertising

Adriana gutierrez-lagatta at charter.net
Fri Jan 17 13:43:57 EST 2003

Re: Salad greens packaging
I prefer clear PETE packaging.   Not the clamshells but the ones with
deeper bottoms and separate lids which make a tight seal and keep the
greens from getting dehydrated.  Look for the 64 oz. size (often you
will see deli potato salad or cut fruit in these)  In addition to them
sealing tight, protecting the product better than bags, they stack and
do not slip like clamshells tend to do.If you contact Ultrapac at
http://www.ultrapac.com/produce.htm they will tell you who carries
them in your area.
> How do you package your greens for sale?

Re: TV Advertising
Just curious, how much does something like that cost?  I assume it
varies by the size of the market/audience?
> Have you spoken to your local PBS outlet
> about sponsoring one of the food shows
> they are running?  Saturday afternoons are
> the wasteland of TV ads, but you might find
> a receptive audience with a food show.

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