[Market-farming] Direct Marketing Deliveries

jay gee jgj23 at mindspring.com
Thu Jan 16 02:34:18 EST 2003

Rick Williams wrote:

>We find it extremely difficult to increase sales to what we would like, with
>our approach of brochures, farmer's market, on farm sales, large sign with
>"OPEN" flag, selling to local food coop, etc. :)

Maybe you need to alter your approach Rick...

Have you considered local TV advertising?

Are there any food shows running in your area
that you could sponsor partially?

Have you spoken to your local PBS outlet
about sponsoring one of the food shows
they are running?  Saturday afternoons are
the wasteland of TV ads, but you might find
a receptive audience with a food show.

If your web site is up to date, user friendly
and strongly promotes your brand, a PBS
sponsorship might be just the ticket to drive
interested prospects to your web site and
complete the sale there.

Jay Gee
not a farmer - but interested in farming

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