[Market-farming] How to package greens for sale?

Willie McKemie mckemie at austinfarm.org
Thu Jan 16 13:34:32 EST 2003

On Thu, Jan 16, 2003 at 10:11:06AM -0800, J V wrote:
> How do you package your greens for sale?  I have
> several types of lettuce and other greeens which I
> usually pick at the baby stage.  I have been using
> generic zip loc bags.  They work as far as packaging,
> but they don't stack very easy at my stand at the
> farmer's market.  
For spinach (may not work well for lettuce), I:
1) put moist well washed spinach in 10oz plastic bags
2) squeeze most of the air out
3) tie them off with twist ties

I started doing it that way 8-10 years ago when I decided I couldn't 
afford the boxes for loose spinach.  The compressed spinach fits about 
28 bags in a bushel box.  There is quite a bit of resistance to this 
kind of package at farmers markets, but it works very well at grocery 
stores.  At farmers markets, I do get some customers that have bought 
it in grocery stores and are eager to buy more at the markets.  But if 
I am next to someone with loose spinach at a farmers market, they are 
likely to out-sell me.  The idea is that the spinach suffers some damage 
in the compressing, but it is much more resistant to additional handling 
damage while in the compressed state.  The bags are not perforated; they 
have a shelf life of about a week.

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