[Market-farming] Direct Marketing Deliveries

Rick Williams mrfarm at frontiernet.net
Wed Jan 15 23:32:09 EST 2003

John O'Donnell wrote:
> On an earlier post I noticed your prices.  My prices are a lot higher than
> those I saw.  I'm trying to raise (and market) a premium product, and I
> price the product that way (Grass fed).  Therefore, delivery is a nice way
> to reinforce to the customer that they are getting something special.

Can you share with us the numbers of animals you are able to direct market
as quarters/halves and boxed? If you did this full time could you increase
the numbers a lot more, or do you think it might be difficult.

We find it extremely difficult to increase sales to what we would like, with
our approach of brochures, farmer's market, on farm sales, large sign with
"OPEN" flag, selling to local food coop, etc. :)


Rick Williams

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