[Market-farming] Direct Marketing Deliveries

John O'Donnell johno at otechsystems.com
Wed Jan 15 20:15:40 EST 2003

I try and sell quarters and halves if possible ahead before my October or
November process date.  Then, I try and deliver to those I can, and pick up
a check at that time.  It's worked out well so far, since a high qualitiy
processor is not too close, and I don't feel comfortable asking customers to
make the trip there.  After that I market packages ( 10 or 20 lbs) of beef
and usually ask people to pick up at the farm.  (I do have an off farm job
where I travel around, so sometimes I also deliver packages of beef.  )

On an earlier post I noticed your prices.  My prices are a lot higher than
those I saw.  I'm trying to raise (and market) a premium product, and I
price the product that way (Grass fed).  Therefore, delivery is a nice way
to reinforce to the customer that they are getting something special.

John O'Donnell

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> For those of you who deliver your on-farm direct marketed beef, (or other
> products) have you been satisfied with performing this service or was it a
> mistake in terms of the increased time spent on delivery?
> Did you try if for a period of time and then discontinue doing it? Or once
> you did it, found it a wise marketing tool?
> We are thinking of making deliveries on packages or individual cuts
> totalling $50 or more and doing it within a 40 mile radius.
> Did you find that most of your regular customers stopped coming to the
> and had you deliver, or did you find it mostly increased sales to the
> who will not come to the farm but who might buy if delivered.
> Thanks for any input.
> Sincerely,
> Rick Williams

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