[Market-farming] Farm Hours

Elaine Granata ecgranat at ouray.cudenver.edu
Wed Jan 15 19:41:57 EST 2003

What Julie and Alex said!  I began with 10 in my CSA last year but treated
it as if it were a 100 -- I didn't want people to get used to a hang loose
approach which they might resent as I tightened up as I get bigger.

My pick up was on Wed from 4-7:00, unless they arranged differently.  I put
stuff in coolers for anyone coming after 7:00 with their names on it.  I
said I was going to give away any stuff not picked up by 7:00 to a local
charity, but I usually ended up calling them to see if they planned to come
eventually and get it from the cooler.  Next year I know I'll have to
dispense with that nicety as I expand to 20.

I agree being there for the pick up is important.

Elaine Granata

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> What Julie said!!!  > It's VERY important for the farmer(s) to be present
when customers pick up-
> part of what the Wiedigers call "relationship marketing."  And Marcie
> Rosenzweig says we're not selling produce, we're selling that connection.
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> jjvaughn at juno.com wrote:
> > Rick,
> >
> > We sell beef, pork, lamb, veggies and eggs at Farmers Markets and also
> > off the farm.  In the past we have had a "call ahead anytime" program
> > gave it up last year for a "Thursday Night Pickup at the Farm" day.
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