[Market-farming] farm hours

Hook Family guldann at ix.netcom.com
Wed Jan 15 12:49:31 EST 2003

Julie wrote:
I prefer to have clear lines between when our farm is open for
business and when I am off and can know in my mind that no one is going
to be calling wanting to come out or better yet...just coming out!

I couldn't agree more.  Our first year as a CSA I had call any day pickup.
With only 10 members it worked and it had one advantage.  I never had
official work days so I could make appointments to go anywhere any day and
simply tell folks no.  But when we increased to 30+ this was very
unrealistic.  I now have 3 days about 2 hours each.  People have their days
which can be changed with notification.  I have now made it very clear that
I am only available within those hours.  I will put stuff in refridg for
self serve on off hours only with notification.  This is for emergencies and
not to be abused.
You begin to feel taken advantage of when people show up out of the blue
while your comfy in your bathrobe :).  Plus it almost takes me as long to go
around the garden to pick for one as it would for the regular group.

I think the idea of hours plus notification is a good idea.  In your
literature as nice as possible make it clear what the rules are and be firm
but friendly. Point out that off hours would be a wasted trip because your
off at your other job Mr or Mrs X  (I put that I am off at my other job Mrs.
Hook as opposed to farmer Hook).   I learned to say to someone who forgot to
come "oh thanks for calling the next available time is xx"

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