[Market-farming] Farm Hours

Alex McGregor waldenfarm at sprintmail.com
Wed Jan 15 09:54:47 EST 2003

What Julie said!!!  I started years ago with few customers and they mostly
showed up whenever.  This worked until the numbers increased.  Now I email a
list of available items each week on Monday to all interested and ask them to
have an order back by Tuesday evening.  I pick on Wed. morning and they can
pick up between 4 & 10 PM.  This has decreased the time sitting and waiting.

It's VERY important for the farmer(s) to be present when customers pick up-
part of what the Wiedigers call "relationship marketing."  And Marcie
Rosenzweig says we're not selling produce, we're selling that connection.  My
customers were disappointed last year when I started selling at a Wed.
afternoon/evening market and wasn't home to greet and talk to them.  I also
missed out on extra sales of "impulse items" I had for the market- cherry
tomatoes, garlic...  (I'll be selling at a Thurs. market or switching farm
sales to Thurs. this year.)

Alex McGregor
Walden Farm

jjvaughn at juno.com wrote:

> Rick,
> We sell beef, pork, lamb, veggies and eggs at Farmers Markets and also
> off the farm.  In the past we have had a "call ahead anytime" program and
> gave it up last year for a "Thursday Night Pickup at the Farm" day.

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