[Market-farming] Max's Remarks

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Mon Jan 13 23:55:34 EST 2003

Max has excellent points. Discriminatory techniques are obviously more
efficient than non discriminatory techniques. We have an absolute origin,
color and religious orientation on the murderers. We also have gender and
language and general part of the world for the source of these incredibly
efficient killers on anyone. In addition the lack of citizenship and fact
that entry must occur leads one to believe that discriminative behavior is
essential to effectively cause safety to be reasonable in a free and open
society. The bottom line is if we do not discriminate then everyone will not
be eliminated and we might as well disband our police forces.

We're still selling birds on into January and have orders for Feb.

Marcy was changing out grow media in the grow beds but has had to put a halt
to it cause of bird orders.


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> > Max,
> > I find this statement quite appalling.  National origin, maybe, but
> > COLOR?  What century are you living in????
> > >How about instead of investigating EVERYONE and compiling a data
> > bank of their every move, we focus on the national origin and color of
> > the people visiting and coming into our country?
> >
> > Adriana
> > (who is half Colombian and half American, which half would you like to
> > have investigated?)
> >
> Max was being facetious.
> Barb Birkinbine
> Oak Camp Herb Farm
> Lodi, WI

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