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Mon Jan 13 13:32:55 EST 2003

Hi Jim,
    I've been using Agra-Lock strips for securing for 8-10 years now.  Last 
fall, when we were topping my new house I asked around about the Spring-Lock 
(what I'm guessing is called Wiggle-Wire in your area).  My plan is to take 
the whole top off seasonally, and just use shade cloth for the summer.   I 
heard from other growers, and one of the catalog reps-  that the Spring-Lock 
doesn't hold up well to removal and reuse.   Others may be reusing it fine.  
(??)   I did follow the advice I received, and stayed with Agra-Lock.  
    I have not used the vented sides.  I have seen the inflatable curtains, 
and solid poly sides used very conveniently.  In the catalogs, I've also seen 
just rolling up the 6 mil poly sides with motors or hand cranks.   Some good 
info about this is in the Farm-Tek catalog. ( http://www.farmtek.com )  I 
know absolutely nothing about doing business with this company, other than I 
started receiving their catalogs last fall.   And they have items I am 
interested in.   I have a couple of other catalog names I could pass on, if 
you desire more info.
    I also really appreciate the answering machine!    Sometimes when I get 
feeling 'overwhelmed',  I remind myself I could be back working for someone 
else, and having the extra gravy of my hard work (sometimes 70 hour weeks), 
go to them instead of me.  It's an incentive. Though now it can be 70+  
    I  think the more info shared on groups like this- the more we can help 
ourselves and each other.    
Best Wishes-
Patricia Mattson

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> We are almost ready to put the plastic on our hoophouse.  What is the
> easiest and cheapest way to install roll-up sides that will be for summer
> growing-  they will be rolled up in the summer amd down in the fall. 
> Will wiggle-wire lock work for this?  Any suggestions?
> Thanks
> Jim

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We noticed with interest the posts yesterday about greenhouse sales that
mentioned eating out more during the season to just get away from the
home-business entanglement.  We find just a 3 or 4 hour break from the
farm can really help us- even if it is visiting another farmer in a
relaxed setting.  And another help last season was letting the answering
machine get the phone if we were eating dinner or just needed a break.  
I know the April to October is a "survival" time for most growers,  but
what do most of you do to cope with the farm taking over the home during
the growing season- mentally and physically.    

It seems like our "numbers" show that the farm will work, but we often
wonder if our energy will hold out until the farm and marketing systems
are developed to the point that the farm "flows" better.  I think this is
one the most underestimated problems with direct marketing-  the
marketing factor takes so much time and mental energy.


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