[Market-farming] horse stable shavings as compost

Nan Johnson nan at olemiss.edu
Mon Jan 13 14:43:09 EST 2003

Just came across this post from the compost listserve and wondered if this matched up with experience of y'all - I have used stable litter in the past and didn't know about possible drawbacks................and is this the same Strongic used as a goat wormer by some?

"reasons why horse manure / shavings are a poor feedstock:
1.    the shavings are from kiln dried pine, thus sterile, no fungi which
are needed to break down the shavings;
2.    many horses are on Strongid C, a PESTICIDE, for prevention of
parasitic worms inside the horse,
3.    much of the pelletized feed given to horses is laced with Rabon, a
pass through pesticide, in the horse's mouth, out the other end, for
prevention of flies and fly larvae in the manure pile.
    with sterile shavings and two pesticides, the microbes are starting out
with 3 strikes against them.

    Even after we went to diesel powered forced aeration, which easily held
the oxygen above 15%, we were not getting rapid breakdown, and we believe it
was because the feedstock was not favorable for significant microbial
population buildup."

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