[Market-farming] Re: Re: Prices

Jill Taylor Bussiere jdt at ITOL.COM
Mon Jan 13 11:45:49 EST 2003

> > Also, thanks to the Patriot Act the government  IS searching email
> > messages. This is a fact, not paranoia.
> A mildy disturbing development for this old conservative-at-heart. How
>about instead of investigating EVERYONE and compliling a data bank of their
every move, >we focus on the national origin and color of the people
visiting and coming
>into our country?

And if we follow that logic, we need to also focus on white males that are
citizens, since Timothy McVeigh was a white male - and there are more out
there like him for sure.  - Jill

PS  If you get a chance, go see Bowling for Columbine, which is a hoot, as
well as a thoughtful piece.

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