[Market-farming] chicken processing for sale in MD

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Sun Jan 12 17:17:30 EST 2003

Hi Friends, 

Hope you have contact info or other thoughts on this.  I buy meat (and of 
course veggies, flowers, cheese, etc) from a Farmers' Market in Takoma Park, 
MD.  I've befriended a vendor from Berryville, Virginia who is able to sell 
chicken at their farm in Virginia or at farmers' markets in Virginia because 
they have a state inspected processor about 1 hr from the farm.  

Problem is that they've been unable to find a USDA inspected processor that 
would enable them to bring the chicken to the Takoma Park market.  So we are 
unable to buy chicken from them.  

My questions are -- can anyone tell me how much this USDA inspection would 
cost their Virginia processor so that chickens processed there could be sold 
in Maryland?  Any other good ideas?  Any idea if there are USDA people I 
could/should contact to help this farm be able to sell chicken in MD?

Thanks, an admirer of this list who works on community & youth gardens in DC,
Judy Tiger

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