[Market-farming] Louisville-Kentuckyana Contacts Sought

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santa fe farmers market in santa fe new mexico  a contact is Dennies Kos
1-505- 983 -4098
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> Hey all!  Best of luck in 20O3!
> I post about this time each year, looking for contacts in a particular
> area.  I'm a vice-president of the National Federation of the Blind's
> Agriculture & Equestrian Division.  This June-July, we're holding our
> annual convention/conference.  Last Summer, we met in the same area, and
> only found a bedraggled green grocer in downtown Louisville.  We're hoping
> to do better this year.
> In the past, we've found CSA's, organic farms, microbreweries, wineries
> farmers markets.  We buy a load of produce to snack on durin our meeting,
> and often visit during our field trip day.  Can you suggest any ag-related
> enterprises we may want to patronize and/or tour?
> Blind farmers?  Blind ranchers?  That's right!  About 2/3rds of Americans
> are (or will become) significantly visually-impaired.  About half of
> America's farmers are legally blind and/or otherwise "disabled."  We find
> that networking with other blind and visually-impaired ag folks, we learn
> how to improve our productivity.  In fact, the average blind employee
> performs as well (or better) tthan the average sighted employee.  All it
> takes are minor accommodations and appropriate training.  As our farmers
> age, they can continue to be successful in the industry.
> Please post to the list, or to me at
> <regenerative at earthlink.net>
> Fred Chambers
> near San Diego
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