[Market-farming] Prices

Hook Family guldann at ix.netcom.com
Fri Jan 10 08:14:51 EST 2003

> Could be cause it got so hot an bitter but, probably just needs a good
> fixin.
> Bob Crowder

Bob LOL that was the best.  But what made it so funny is that it is true.
Once you get some farming knowledge incorporated into your pschy you think
cool I am cookin I grown darn good tomatoes than like a slap with a wet
noodle you think but oh my what price do I sell them?  As a small new farmer
this has become the thing that impedes me the most,  what price.  As Liz
pointed out there are various prices posted daily some for free on internet
and I think there is a fee based one in which they'll send you daily emails.
First I find them difficult to read I don't get the lingo and I think they
are written primarily for the big guys.  This list and others like it are a
bunch of little guys/gals giving each other moral support and advice.
Besides how can a little farm stand on the pacific coast and one on atlantic
coast who sell only locally be price fixing?  Isn"t price fixin when the
local customer or any customer has no choice?  Everywhere they want to buy x
it's all an inflated price?
And aren't there times when every where has the same price simply because
thats the right one?

I farm in basically suburbia, there is no local feed store for me to go and
kibitz in and get some sages knowledge  you folks are it :) (Well an
occasional conference).  Keep the price SUGGESTIONS (which is all there are)
coming.  Beth

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