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> a list member concerned that the FTC would see
> these discussions as "price-fixing". I understand the point, up to a point,
> BUT.....

Trade magazines for the greenhouse industry routinely publish wholesale and 
retail prices for different regions of the country to offer a glimpse of what 
the industry is receiving for its' goods.  I think if they can do it then 
there isn't a problem here. ;-)

We sell 3 1/2" potted herbs for $2.50 ea.  We sell over 100 different kinds, 
both perennial and annual herbs. Our season lasts 8 to 10 weeks, depending on 
the weather here in WI, and we make over 10K doing just one market.  Closer 
to the end of our season we have a sale on what's left with a 3 for $6 
Every year we have expanded our selection and quantity of herbs for our 
customers, and every year it gets better.  We have many requests to provide 
retail at our farm, but so far I have resisted!  That's such a big commitment 
and I'm not ready to make it yet.  Maybe someday.......hmmmm.  What kind of 
life do you have with people coming to your home?  Love the discussion with 
this topic!

Barb Birkinbine
Oak Camp Herb Farm
Lodi, WI
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