[Market-farming] Re: Prices

Liz Pike liz at laughingbrookfarm.com
Thu Jan 9 20:04:02 EST 2003

Thanks Jay Gee for clearing that up.  I thought when the USDA publishes
market prices on all ag products, updated within hours of market closings
all around the world & in the US ( http://www.ams.usda.gov/marketnews.htm
from their website: AMS provides current, unbiased price and sales
information to assist in the orderly marketing and distribution of farm
commodities. Reports include information on prices, volume, quality,
condition, and other market data on farm products in specific markets and
marketing areas. Reports cover both domestic and international markets. The
data is disseminated within hours of collection via the Internet and made
available through electronic means, in printed reports, by telephone
recordings and through the news media.), it was to help us farmers, which
means we might, gulp, "discuss" them.  Now I know it's so they can cart us
off to jail.

Please keep me informed of the next felon farmer.  Should I put in a
reservation on the fur-lined handcuffs?? ; ))

Liz Pike
Laughingbrook Farm

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