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Thu Jan 9 17:44:20 EST 2003

<<jay gee said:  "Don't be surprised if the FTC and Dept of Ag. use programs
to sift email searching for price related discussions."

<You have got to be kidding.  That is the most ludicrous statement I've heard
since Y2K...Talking about pricing is not price fixing

I tend to believe what Jay is saying.  The government does go after people 
for what others might see as ridiculous reasons.  Let me tell you a little 
story about the SEC.  An officer of a publicly traded company was going 
through a divorce.  His wife noticed he was working late nights which was not 
a common occurrence.  In the past when he worked late nights there was a 
merger deal in the works.  The company's stock always went up when a merger 
was announced.  The woman told her brother who was in a financial bind.  He 
bought the company's stock and shortly thereafter the merger was announced, 
the stock went up, and the brother sold taking a profit.  The SEC prosecuted 
the corporate officer for tipping the brother, even though he was totally 
innocent.  All he did was go to work and come home from work later than 
usual.  The guy had to pay a fine of something like a quarter million bucks 
and also did some jail time if I remember correctly.

Also, thanks to the Patriot Act the government IS searching email messages.  
This is a fact, not paranoia.

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