[Market-farming] Re: Prices

Thu Jan 9 11:57:02 EST 2003

  Thanks Liz!!
  It wasn't even 5 minutes after I sent my post, that I received an email 
about why I couldn't & shouldn't be talking about prices on the 
Market-Farming List.   From now on,  no one else gets to slap my wrists, 
except you Liz- the List Administrator  : )  
   I feel the more information one haves, the better for ones business.   So 
let's hear some prices.........
 Rose, I will directly send you some information.

Patricia Mattson

> excuse me??
> I saw nothing out of line with your post Patricia.  Prices/income/whatever
> is free to be discussed here.  Though it might make some people squirm, for
> many for others it gives valuable insight into the business, especially
> since pricing & production costs are such a fickle component of our jobs.
> Liz Pike
> List Administrator
> Laughingbrook Farm
> Westfield NC
> http://www.marketfarming.com
> http://www.laughingbrookfarm.com

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