[Market-farming] Farm Stand Stories, Build it and they will Come?

van weldon woodduckfarm at ev1.net
Thu Jan 9 10:44:37 EST 2003

Curious to hear stories, good or bad, about "out of the way" farm stand
startups and locations etc..

FYI we are beginning our 3rd full time year at growing cut flowers and
specialty produce. Our primary mkt. has been two grocery store chains. This
year we are expanding into providing 4" potted herbs for the same chain
stores. Historically, between April & October we have about 6 acres of cut
flowers and produce under cultivation protected inside deer fencing.

Unfortunately, the local farmers mkt. clientele compares local fresh produce
to prices at Wal-Mart. We have found folks on fixed incomes not willing to
pay a premium for locally grown products. Consequently we are considering
opening a farm stand on our property this summer and soliciting more
urbanites to visit our place via advertisements and a website etc. We have
relocated and largely refurbished an 85 yr. old school onto our property,
complete with new bath rest rooms. Our farm is 30 miles from the 4th largest
city in the country, Houston. (Incidentally the aforementioned farmers mkt.
is about 70 miles from Houston.)

For better or worse, our farm is not on a major highway but at the end of a
dead end dirt road.

Thanks in advance,

Texas 8b

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