[Market-farming] Informal market analysis...

SisterSoap sisoap at gwtc.net
Wed Jan 8 23:19:21 EST 2003

> 1.  How much would you pay for a country bouquet?  I'll define a country
> bouquet as something that has a less arty/refined look but more of a
> homespun garden look.  The number of stems would be anywhere from 8-12,
> including fillers.<

As little as possible, I know that's not the answer you're seeking..I'm
If I was taking flowers to my Mom or Grammy, say for their b-day or
something (like I'm in trouble :-)  I'd pay as much as $12 - $15.  Maybe
even more, depending on how big of trouble I'm in..or how well I am treated
as a customer in your stand ;-O

> 2.  Do you prefer the look of a mass of one type of flower - say all
> sunflowers, or all delphiniums, or all black-eyed susans; or do you prefer
> mix?<

A mix fer sure!

> 3.  Would you stop at a roadside stand or farmers market for a bouquet?

In a heartbeat :-)

> 4.  If you don't normally buy bouquets or a flower bunch, what about the
> bouquet would inspire you to pick it up?  (Is there a particular quality
> does it just have to grab you?)<

Must be fresh..and unusual

> 5.  If there is no scent to a bouquet are you disappointed?  Enough to put
> it back?  Does it figure in your purchase at all?<

If it's unique enough, I'd go ahead and purchase it.  I'd probably buy a
bouquet on fragrance alone.

> 6.  What are your three top cutflowers you love to see in a bouquet?
> (Regardless of whether they're homespun or highbrow).<

hmmm... can't narrow it down to three.  Just whatever is fresh and healthy.

> 7.  What are your three least favorite cutflowers for a bouquet?  Those
> flowers that don't even inspire you to stop at the stand.<

can't think of any..well, maybe too much filler.  I don't stop at stands if
the person is sitting there with their arms crossed..it just doesn't
"invite" me in.  A gloomy gardener won't get my business either (not that
you are Rose!)

> 8.  How often would you buy bouquets during the growing season if the
> was right and the bouquets were appealing?<

weekly and/or if'n I had the cash.  :-)

> 9.  Is a bouquet an impulse purchase for you or is it an item on your
> shopping list?<


> 10.  How do you feel about the addition of herbs or woody ornamentals in a
> flower bouquet?  For instance, a piece of crooked willow, or a sprig of
> newly opened maple; a fragrant oregano - offering a different texture than
> just flowers.<

Oh yeah!  <vbg>  I have a friend that is a designer for the local florist.
I can always tell her arrangements.. just that special touch of the

> Thanks,
> Rose

You're very welcome.. I'm looking forward to others answers too :-)
Rosie..Black Hills..South Dakota

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