[Market-farming] Informal market analysis...

Errol Castens castens at peoplepc.com
Wed Jan 8 23:13:05 EST 2003

Rose, from the perspective of WASPish, middle-aged, married man:

1.    I'd expect to pay $4-6.

2.    I personally tend to prefer single-species bouquets, but my wife
favors multiples (except with roses).

3.    Not only would I stop at a farmers' market to buy a bouquet, but I
often buy there. Don't have any farm stands around here; if we did, that'd
be great, too.

4.    I buy flowers by the bunch fairly often (12-15 times a year). Would
buy more if zinnias weren't so predominant among our farmers' market
growers; they're nice, but they get tiresome after a while.

5.    Bouquets with scents are a plus, unless they're overwhelming (as with
a certain kind of lily), but since my wife's nose is not very sensitive,
scent is not a veto point.

6.    Top three favorites: butterfly weed, tithonia and anything else that's
overpoweringly orange -- but I like lots of other colors and varieties, too.

7.    Least favorites? Celosia, daisy, and that sickeningly sweet lily. (I
love gardenia and narcissus, though -- go figure!)

8.    A bouquet every week would be about right.

9.    Bouquets are definitely an impulse item. I almost never buy them if my
wife goes with me to the farmers' market; it's a lot more fun to surprise

10.   Herbs -- especially if they add an appealing aroma -- could be nice. I
wouldn't be either positively or negatively affected by the woody
ornamentals, but my wife would probably be thrilled with such a touch.

Errol Castens
Oxford, Mississippi

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