[Market-farming] Informal market analysis...

Fred & Rose Lieberman pyrite at clarityconnect.com
Wed Jan 8 21:41:50 EST 2003

For anyone who cares to answer, I thank you in advance.  This is just a bit
of advance marketing for what I hope to be a cutflower business whenever we
get settled in our next place - hopefully, this summer.  You may e-mail me
privately, if you wish, at pyrite at clarityconnect.com.  Thanks again.  Rose.

The bouquets I'm speaking of are in the context of farmers markets, roadside
stands, but not in florist shops.

1.  How much would you pay for a country bouquet?  I'll define a country
bouquet as something that has a less arty/refined look but more of a
homespun garden look.  The number of stems would be anywhere from 8-12, not
including fillers.

2.  Do you prefer the look of a mass of one type of flower - say all
sunflowers, or all delphiniums, or all black-eyed susans; or do you prefer a

3.  Would you stop at a roadside stand or farmers market for a bouquet?

4.  If you don't normally buy bouquets or a flower bunch, what about the
bouquet would inspire you to pick it up?  (Is there a particular quality or
does it just have to grab you?)

5.  If there is no scent to a bouquet are you disappointed?  Enough to put
it back?  Does it figure in your purchase at all?

6.  What are your three top cutflowers you love to see in a bouquet?
(Regardless of whether they're homespun or highbrow).

7.  What are your three least favorite cutflowers for a bouquet?  Those
flowers that don't even inspire you to stop at the stand.

8.  How often would you buy bouquets during the growing season if the price
was right and the bouquets were appealing?

9.  Is a bouquet an impulse purchase for you or is it an item on your
shopping list?

10.  How do you feel about the addition of herbs or woody ornamentals in a
flower bouquet?  For instance, a piece of crooked willow, or a sprig of
newly opened maple; a fragrant oregano - offering a different texture than
just flowers.



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