[Market-farming] Whoops....

Wiediger, Alison awiediger at HART.k12.ky.us
Wed Jan 8 14:58:02 EST 2003

Thanks Liz, I thought maybe I had missed something.  When we are pricing, I
think it's valuable to get some insight into what others are doing.  We just
had such an exchange on the Pastured Poultry listserv and it was thought
provoking - just what we need as we head into a new season!

Alison Wiediger
Au Naturel Farm

> ----------
> From: 	Liz Pike[SMTP:liz at laughingbrookfarm.com]
> > Whoops...  I've just been informed that prices shouldn't be discussed on
> the
> > M-F List.  Sorry about that from a newbie
> excuse me??
> I saw nothing out of line with your post Patricia.  Prices/income/whatever
> is free to be discussed here.  Though it might make some people squirm,
> for
> many for others it gives valuable insight into the business, especially
> since pricing & production costs are such a fickle component of our jobs.
> Liz Pike

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