[Market-farming] Louisville-Kentuckyana Contacts Sought

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Wed Jan 8 14:07:11 EST 2003

Hey all!  Best of luck in 20O3!

I post about this time each year, looking for contacts in a particular 
area.  I'm a vice-president of the National Federation of the Blind's 
Agriculture & Equestrian Division.  This June-July, we're holding our 
annual convention/conference.  Last Summer, we met in the same area, and 
only found a bedraggled green grocer in downtown Louisville.  We're hoping 
to do better this year.

In the past, we've found CSA's, organic farms, microbreweries, wineries and 
farmers markets.  We buy a load of produce to snack on durin our meeting, 
and often visit during our field trip day.  Can you suggest any ag-related 
enterprises we may want to patronize and/or tour?

Blind farmers?  Blind ranchers?  That's right!  About 2/3rds of Americans 
are (or will become) significantly visually-impaired.  About half of 
America's farmers are legally blind and/or otherwise "disabled."  We find 
that networking with other blind and visually-impaired ag folks, we learn 
how to improve our productivity.  In fact, the average blind employee 
performs as well (or better) tthan the average sighted employee.  All it 
takes are minor accommodations and appropriate training.  As our farmers 
age, they can continue to be successful in the industry.

Please post to the list, or to me at
<regenerative at earthlink.net>
Fred Chambers
near San Diego

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