[Market-farming] Mesclun mixes

Janet Bachmann janetb at ncatark.uark.edu
Tue Jan 7 16:05:47 EST 2003

My problem with buying seed separately and mixing my own is that I
haven't wanted to plant that much mesclun.  I have grown Chef's Blend
from Rupp Seed co. and like it, but I am not sure they still have it. 
Last year many of the things I ordered from Rupp were supposedly
back-ordered and I finally had to call about them.  So this year am
ordering the mix from Johnny's and have a couple on hand from Baker
Creek Heirloom Seed (www.rareseeds.com).  I have grown Johnny's braising
mix a couple of times, very small amounts both times.  I like the mix of
greens, but the growth did seem uneven.  The kale in the mix grew more
slowly than some of the other greens.  But plan to plant it again, and
to try a braising mix from Baker Creek this spring, too.
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