[Market-farming] Mesclun mixes

Wiediger, Alison awiediger at HART.k12.ky.us
Tue Jan 7 14:28:23 EST 2003

We mix our own.  It's cheaper to buy the seeds in bulk amounts, and mix them
to our customers' tastes.  The main thing, indeed, is to not plant greens
and lettuces together.  The greens far outgrow the lettuce and shade it.  We
plant the lettuce in a block, with a block of greens at the end, so when we
harvest down a row, the greens end up in the top of the bin, and when we
wash and spin, are mixed evenly.  We use 4 oz of Black Seeded Simpson, 1 oz
each of Red Sails, Tango, Red Saladbowl, Freckles, Rosalita and 1/4 oz
Waldmanns.  We plant the Red Russian Kale, Red and Green Mustards, Tat Soi
and Mizuna separately.  We also plant Dark Lolla Rossa separately because it
grows even slower than the lettuces.

Alison Wiediger
Au Naturel Farm

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> I'm looking for premixed mesclun mix seed which truly grows out evenly.
> I'm
> amazed to see some of the commercial mixes which are offered which have
> seeds which such disparate grow-out times.  Typically the fast growers
> will
> crowd out or block the light for the slower ones.
>  I'd be happy with an all-lettuce mix and an all-greens mix, as long as
> within each mix the different varieites are ready for harvest at the same
> time.
> Any tried and true sources?
> Adriana
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