[Market-farming] Consumer Spending

Mon Jan 6 15:07:11 EST 2003

   I enjoyed reading about Bob's operation.  I joined this list in late fall, 
so I missed any seasonal discussions on plants,    greenhouses, and 
everything in between.  We knew we weren't up to the task of taking over our 
my families 800+ acre farm.   But 20-40 acres are in the future.  For right 
now, I'm mainly offering potted plants; Herbs, Perennials, Edibles, etc.  The 
greenhouse is open for sales, and I will be doing 2-3 farmers markets.

   My dilemma-  with folks everywhere feeling the financial crunch,  how 
could it effect sales? 
  Gardeners traditionally are heavy spenders for their yards, and many like 
'instant gratification.'   Will they still pay the extra for larger 1 gallon 
- 2 gallon  plants?   or should I focus more on the cheaper 3 1/2" pots?    
I've been doing a mix of both.   Last fall,  we purchased 7 more rolling 
plant racks with adjustable shelves for hauling plants to markets.  Thus 
being more efficient,  I had planned to offer a much higher percentage 
available only in the larger pots.   I'm questioning that plan now- putting 
too many higher priced eggs in one basket theory.  

What changes are other plant growers thinking about and/or making this 
What marketing thoughts or ideas do you all have for the 2003 economy?  

Patricia Mattson
The Herb Garden
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