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I was just about to buy a BCS! What is bad about them? Is there a better 
alternative? Thanks for any info.
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> My experience tells me that it's good for what it does and what's it's meant
> to handle.
> It has a few problems, but if you're going from hand seeding an acre or so
> of decent soil that's been worked a good it in the past, then you're OK.
> If, however, you start off with poorly tilled soil that's still got a lot of
> sod pieces on it, it's going to be very inefficient.
> Because I moved around a lot, I always seemed to start on soil that was in
> sod for a very long time.  My Troy-Bilt was replaced with a BCS - possibly
> my BIGGEST MISTAKE YET IN LIFE! - and that very expensive, hefty BCS
> couldn't get effectively through sod without a gazillion passes.
> When I tried to use my seeder over the BCS-tilled soil, it was horrible.
> Seeds poppin' all over the place, no seed cover, lines were awful as the sod
> pieces got in the way.  But after a season or two of very hard work tilling,
> then the seeder worked like a dream.
> But without good tilth, it's a test of patience and how far you can throw
> it!

> Rose
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